There are so many reasons to smile.

There are so many reasons to smile.

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 There are so many reasons to smile. So many. Life is pretty darn spectacular. This pair of undies is intended to help you find gratitude as you go throughout your day. You'll find a million reasons to smile with this pair of undies on*!

*Claims are not tested, please do not blame us if you don't find a million reasons to smile, once you put these undies on, it was more of a figure of speech, but we know you'll definitely smile more with these undies on**!

**Ok ok... this statement is also not 100% proven... we haven't fully tested this... 

Trust us... You're gonna love these undies. 

This seamless & smooth thong pairs perfectly with any outfit. Be prepared to conquer your day. 

Why we made it:

Seamless & smooth, perfect to pair with any outfit

Avoid those pesky underwear lines

Material meant to move with you

Stretchy material fits to your body

Gusset is 100% cotton which is sustainable and breathable

Midrise waist fits perfectly under all pant waist lengths